The institute has well equipped labs and workshops with latest machinery and equipment which is being utilised for imparting training to the students. A brief introduction to some of the labs and workshops is as under.

Automobile Skill Enhancement Centre

A Modern Workshop for automobile skill enhancement centre has been set up in Mechanic Motor Vehicle trade by the Maruti Suzuki India Limited. The skill training will be provided by the trainers of this Institute as well as by the trainers from the Maruti Suzuki India Limited.


A modern Welder workshop with most modern welding machines having simulators and robotic welding machines has been established by the Maruti Suzuki India Limited to provide World Class Manufacturing Training to the trainees of Welder trade.

Mechanic Auto Body Repair and Mechanic Auto Body Painting

Two modern workshops with the technical and financial assistance of Maruti Suzuki India Limited are going to be established for the two trades i.e. Mechanic Auto Body Repair and Mechanic Auto Body Painting. The main equipments/machines have been installed.

Tool and Die Maker Workshop

This workshop has got latest machines supplied under the Vocational Training project (VTP) with World Bank Assistance from the ministry of labour Govt. of India. The machines include Milling machines-Horizontal & Vertical & Universal lathes, Grinders-plain & surface, Tool & cutter, Universal lathes-all Geared, Tool room lathe and Drilling machine, Radial Drilling machine, etc., Honning machine etc

Machinist Grinder Workshop

Like the Tool and Die Maker this workshop also has latest and sophisticated machines installed in it. The main machines include Grinding Machines-Plain Surface, Cylindrical, Universal Tool & cutter, HMT Vikram Lathe Machines.

Electronics Lab

The lab is well equipped with electronic latest equipment like Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, Soldering and Desoldering station, Pulse generator, L C R Bridge, Digital Multimeter. The trainees perform different practicals on modern trainers like microcontroller kit, Fiber optics trainer, Sensor trainer, LED & LCD TV trainers etc.

Computer Labs

There are four computer labs which includes three fully equipped labs for training and one Networking lab. All the Computer Labs have latest laptops and N-computing desktop computers, laser printers, scanners projectors alongwith latest Software. All the labs are individually connected through LAN.

Machinist (Composite) Workshop

The shop has machines such as Shaper, Milling, Lathes, Slotters, Drilling Machine, Power Hacksaw, Planner and Bench Grinder. All the machines are properly maintained and fully utilised.

Fitter workshop

This workshop of the institute has maximum number of trainees working on jobs with files in their hands. In addition to over 50 vices it has Harihar Lathe, Drilling Machine (Pillar and Bench type)Pedestal Grinderand and power hacksaw.

Electrician Workshop

The workshop has all types of motors and electrical equipment in it. Coil winding machine (manual and automatic), Drying oven, Generator, Electrical Machine Trainer and cut models of various motors.

Turner Workshop

CNC turning Machine, General purpose lathes, power hacksaw and pedestal grinders etc.