Best 10 Free Apps to Watching IPL For Free

By | May 29, 2022

t cost around 999 per year. But some of the external applications are providing IPL streaming for free through the IP TV.

So, Do you want to watch IPL for free ? Then follow my top 10 best application for watching IPL for Free. You can avoid live streaming without any interruption.  Let us start it

Best 10 Free Apps to Watching IPL For Free
Best 10 Free Apps to Watching IPL For Free

1. Hot star mod apk:

Some of the android developers have the ability to create or unlock or crack the hot star original application. They just unlock your VIP plan of the original hot star application. The cracked apk is free. You can download the hot star mod apk from the below link.

Also note that, do not allow the application to ready the media storage files. Since hot star mod apk does not require any app permission to view IPL for Free.

Download Hotstar Apk 

2. Thop Tv:

Thop tv is an IP tv developed by the THOP TV technologies Ltd. They are offering the IPL match for free such as live streaming, match highlights, and ads free. In this, you have to register through your mobile number.

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Also, they are having almost 10000+ TV channels free of cost.

This is the highest installed IP tv around the world and provides movies, tv shows, serials, drama, sports etc.

Download Thop Tv Apk.

3. Oreo Tv:

It is my favorite TV, which has an IPL tv version of all languages such as English, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. You can get streaming of star HD1, 2, and 3 for free of cost. But you cannot get other serials, movies, etc. I usually prepare this application for watching IPL.

They have PIP mode which enables you to watch the Streaming outside of the application. In fact, you can watch IPL in Whatsapp also.

Download Oreo Tv Apk

4. Pocket Tv:

Another most user-friendly app is pocket Tv. I am using this because they are providing HD streaming with high speed on low internet, son you can watch IPL when the signal strength is less. Also, you can watch 10000+ tv channels, 5000+ Movies, and games, etc.

In fact, I watched the game of throne using this application only.

Download Pocket apk

5. GHD Sports APK:

GHD sports are another Free IPL streaming application along with the highlights. The main advantages of this application are that it consumes a low battery. So if you are traveling longer means, I suggest you use this application. Also, you can comment on IPL streaming with another user.

The app does not request you to enable the permission.

GHD Sports Apk Download

6. HD streamz:

Look for IPL without any ad break? I suggest you download this HD streams application and it is totally free. They have an awesome navigation system to reach your desire immediately. It has multiple Sports TV along with star sports IPL with different languages. Also, they are providing live streaming for India serials, news, world news, etc.

Download HD Streamz

7. AOS Tv:

Oh yeah, AOS is another most popular Sport TV application which offers IPL, football, tennis, etc. AOS tv is totally free for the user. They are the fastest streaming app, but they are facing some delay to get the IPL highlights. So anyone wants high-speed streaming without any delay, you can use the AOS tv app.

Also, you can watch movies along with this application. For downloading movies, you need to enable media permission to the application.

Download The Apk

8. Red Box TV:

My other second option next to the pocket TV means, I will say the red box tv. They are providing streaming content with different languages across the world. They are having 5000+ channels with 15 countries.

After downloading red box tv, it directly goes to the TV dashboard, there you can access the IPL streaming Link.

The only problem is they are pushing advertisements for each link you click. Apart from that, the red box tv is really good for IPL streaming.

RedBox Tv Apk Download

9. WSS TV:

To say WSS Tv apk is the only one dedicated sports apk for all kind of Sports. The app provides many sports streaming from Star sports HD, Ten Sports, SKY sports etc. You download the free WSS Tv apk from the below link.

After downloading the IPL app, just install it in your device. To access this app you need to create a free account. For that, you can use your Gmail account.

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After creating the application, you can find the many sports channel logo along with the name. Just choose it and watch sports for free.

Download WSS Tv Apk Download

10. All Movies app:

All movies app offers only the live streaming of the IPL match and after installing the app, you can watch the IPL from 7.00 PM only. The app provides the application Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and English. You can choose a convenient language.

To access this, install the application and initially, you see a dashboard containing full movies.

Then go to the menu which will be available on the left-hand side. The menu contains a link called IPL, using that, you can easily download the application and enjoy the IPL cricket.

Download All Movies Apk


However all the above 10 applications will provide the IPL for free, but they are illegal to watch and download. But due to high cast demand from the Hotstar, we are providing the download links of the application.

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